A myth is an ark, the constructors of which were concerned only about one thing – the well-being of the future generations.

William Sallivan

A genuinely new cultural value originates in the old cultural environment.

Creative observance of traditions presupposes pursuit of something live in the old ones

and not mechanical imitation of something that has already died away.

D.S Likhachyov

About The Project

New Ark Project

A virtual Ark is constructed

Representatives of different nations are offered to mount the Ark with one work of art which will represent their nation. The work of art must fully contribute to the revival of that nation after the virtual Deluge. The film-making group has to reveal the essence of the given work of art and show the historic preconditions of its creation: where it was created, how it survived through time, its evolution, etc. Why was that work of art in particular chosen to revive that nation?

The project:

  1. May be carried out in the form of documentary-fiction film.
  2. Must serve as a database for further scientific research.
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Armenian Team

Marine Mushegyan

Senior researcher at the
State Museum of Literature and Art

Arusyak Sahakyan

Honored Art Worker
Ethnographer, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor

Tigran Petrosyanc


Grigor Broutian

Astronomer, Calendarologist, PhD in Physics and Mathematics

Grigor Aghanyan

Historian, Folklorist

Karine Broutian

Professor at Yerevan State Conservatory

Gagik Harutyunyan

Producer, Author of the project

Ukrainian team


Marina Marchenko


Everything went wrong today. It happens rarely to me if not never. Mrs. PhD, who I had

arranged with, answered my call which I made just at my front door, that she was tired and she

was going to an academic council. She was irritated asking what I wanted, saying she would

write to me, adding she did not want to be photographed. Ugh! What kind of PhD is she?

Now I don't want it either. I will look for another character. Later when I was lying on the sofa

and watching a TV program, I suddenly had an idea. If I was asked what I would take to the

«Ark» I would suggest taking «Kobzar» by Shevchenko. By the way, the TV program reminded

me that the first «Kobzar» (I have written about it, the Museum of books) consisted only of 8 verses.

“The Perespnitskoye Gospel”

Aleksander and Victor Buligi


This manuscript is a real relic and charm.

“The Perespnitskoye Gospel” is an outstanding example of old Ukrainian literary language and

graphic art. It is a translation of the Holy Scripture into a so called simple language, which is

quite close to the folk language. It is sometimes called the Ukrainian First Book.

«The Perespnitskoye Gospel» was written on the land of Volhynia. It began in Zaslavshina, in Troitski

monastery of Dvirets settlement (modern Khmelnitskiy province). The main work on the

manuscript proceeded on the territory of Pogorini in Perespnitskiy Prechistenskiy monastery

(modern Rivnenskiy province). That was the reason for today's name of this sacral translation.

Polish team

Pan Tadedush

Aleksander Giedroyć

public figure

The work by Adam Mitskevich “Pan Tadedush”.

People considering this work their heritage, compare it with our days.

Persian team

The words of poet Saadi became the motto of UN

Adham Hadaegh

Human beings are members of a whole,

In creation of one essence and soul.

If one member is afflicted with pain,

Other members uneasy will remain.

If you have no sympathy for human pain,

The name of human you cannot retain

Russian team

Portrait of Bilibin by Kustodiev

Natalia Korkonosenko

To the virtual ark I would take the portrait of Bilibin by Kustodiev – the works of Bilibin himself give us the code of self-identification.

The second object is the reconstructed fresco of the Spas on Kovel monastery which is near Velikiy Novgorod. Look narrowly at Jesus; he is simply a demon by Vrubel.

Perhaps, we just need someone like him in order to stop the dirty wars of the consumerera?

I am a Petersburg journalist with a Soviet reporter past, the author of the book «The version of the reporter». I work in PR sphere now, but actually I remain a journalist. That will be a correct definition. I work in the presidential library, in the press service.

More Details

The newarkproject.com site is the Virtual Ark itself. The project will last in several stages expanding and involving different interested people. The deadline of the fulfillment of the project is unknown, as according to the author the process is everlasting, since creations of different nations will be placed side by side; and these nations are concerned about the same issue: what should be preserved after the «Deluge»? On the same «stage» a moral creative atmosphere is cultivated, which is likely to urge us change our mindset and come to mutual understanding.

The project is meant to put no emphasis on the social and historical development of the given nation. Next to the creations of highly-developed states and nations even small national formations can be represented, those who will be able to present a work of art meeting the requirements of the «Ark», i.e. to bring something important that can contribute to the revival of their culture after the virtual Deluge. There won't be any special committee; every nation has to determine on their own what is more important for their people

Contacts will be carried out through the site. All different modern means of communication will be used.


What is a virtual «Deluge» ?

Every act of terrorism, every war (even a local one), every social upheaval, everything, which has nothing to do with constructive endeavor on the planet, will be considered as one more step towards the Deluge.

We see the idea of virtual roaming in the following way: «The Ark» «approaches» the parties of the conflict and «shows» them everything that dwells in it, encouraging a cultural dialog between them. It is worth pointing out what will be cast into the flame of animosity: anything from historic injustice to profiteering, falsifications and the like, anything but creative ideology.

The production will be presented in the form of announcements on newarkproject.com site. They can be documentaries, objects of art recorded on audio-visual carriers.

Our viewers are not only the parties involved in conflicts but also the cultural centers of big cities, where the works of art will be exhibited and the films will be demonstrated.

Presentation of works of art representing their nation. Only short-term presence of a small group of “New Ark” project creators (3 members) will be needed for extra shooting and some corrections. For example, the participants of one of the sides have doubts about the work of art from their country which will meet the requirements of the “Ark”. The presence of the project team is necessary to participate in the discussions as well as to capture the process itself. The process of selection of the work is of vital importance, because in the course of it everything superfluous is cast out, everything which has become quite common to us but which, in reality, interferes with our life.

Cultural ecology

Post Factum …the past determines the future

The film is about the legacy of Komitas Archimandrite and how he became the victim of political and social contradictions before the Armenian Genocide of 1915.

100 years later all that is presented and speculated in another context.

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